Travel is the ultimate diving experience. And no matter where you travel in the diving world, odds are we've been there. We know the hotels, the dive operators, and the liveaboards. Before you invest your vacation dollars, doesn't it make sense to talk to us?

Instructor-led group dive vacations are the most popular form of travel among our customers. Upcoming trips include:

Bonne Terre Mine Logo in Red and Yellow

Bonne Terre Mines | February 24th & 25th

  Who is this Trip For? This trip is prefect for any skill level from Open Water Diver to Advanced Diver.   Any open water-certified diver can explore its 20-plus dive trails – averaging 40 to 60 feet deep with 100-foot…

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A Beach Walkway With Hay Huts and White Walls

Cozumel, Mexico | March 9th – 16th, 2024

Cozumel is a year-round dive destination known for easy drift diving with stellar visibility, vibrantly colored sponges and marine life like turtles, nurse sharks and rays. The Marine Park of Cozumel has protected the southern area of the island for…

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Kingston Map With Marking in Blue and Green

KINGSTON, ON | June 8th & 9th

Kingston, ON AM: Advanced Divers with Deep experience PM: Recreational The eastern end of Lake Ontario and the nearby portion of the St. Lawrence River is said to have over 400 wrecks. It has been estimated that over 100 are…

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Alpena | July 19th & 20th

Thunder Bay in Alpena offers diving opportunities for all skill level.  The fresh, cold waters of the lakes are an ideal environment for preserving shipwrecks because they lack the high corrosion rates and destructive biological activity of salt water environments…

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A Turbine With Algae Sunk Underwater One

ALPENA | August 16th & 17th

Many ships ended up at the bottom of Alpena lake floor due to fog banks and sudden gales along with the rocky shoals. With a shipwreck sticking out of the water to depths deeper than 200 feet. If you are…

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Port Austin | August 8th & September 14th

Many vessels transiting Lake Huron pass near Michigan’s “Thumb”.  A scarcity of good harbors has left shipping exposed to bad weather and the concentration of shipping has led to frequent accidents. Philadelphia sunk in collision with the schooner Albany. It…

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Lakeshore near an elevated plain

Local Fun Dives

  Join us at one of our local lakes for a nice, relaxing shore dive.  This is a great place to meet new divers and find a dive buddy if you don’t have one!!! We meet at 6:00 pm and…

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