Be adventurous. Be amazed. Be a diver. Your first step is earning your Open Water Diver certification - becoming what is commonly known as a "certified diver."

Okay, let's say the idea of scuba diving intrigues you - but you're not certain you want to commit to an entire certification course. No problem. The Dive Shop has the perfect opportunity for you. It's called Discover Scuba.

It's amazing just how much more enjoyable snorkeling can be with the proper training. And now you can get that training from The Dive Shop

How long has it been since you were last in the water? Six months? A year? More than this? Unfortunately, diving is not one of those things that "just comes back to you, like riding a bike.

Your beginning scuba course was just that: a beginning. Ending your education there is like bragging that you've graduated the sixth grade. Just as a grade-school education isn't going to cut it in the job market, beginning courses cannot adequately prepare you to take advantage of all that diving offers.

The call of leadership is something to which only the very best divers aspire. Perhaps you just want to be able to assist with classes and conduct guided dives for certified divers. Or you may want to go all the way and learn how to teach others to dive. Whatever you choose, this is where you start.


Technical Diver training is not for everyone. The risks are greater than those posed by recreational diving. The prerequisite training, skills and experience are steep - and students must make a substantial investment in gear. Nevertheless, the rewards to those who can meet this challenge are great.