KINGSTON, ON | June 8th & 9th

Kingston, ON
AM: Advanced Divers with Deep experience
PM: Recreational

The eastern end of Lake Ontario and the nearby portion of the St. Lawrence River is said to have over 400 wrecks. It has been estimated that over
100 are in the vicinity of Kingston.

Don’t let another diver claim your spot. Reserve now by calling us at (810) 732-3900.


Who is this Trip For?

This may be the perfect trip if you:

  • Enjoy the history of ships that used to sail the Great Lakes.
  • Enjoy wreck diving.
  • Looking to have a fun weekend of diving and sight seeing.


June 8th & 9th, 2024



What’s Included?

The trip price includes:

Boat Charter Fee.

Travelers are responsible for:

  • Hotel Accommodations.
  • Transportation to Kingston, ON
  • Food.
  • Dive Equipment.
  • 2 Tanks per day.
  • Weight Belt and Weights.
  • DAN Insurance.
  • Staff gratuity.


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