Port Sanilac  | September 11, 2022

Port Sanilac | September 11, 2022

The Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve stretches along Lake Huron's long western shore from near Lexington in the south to just north of Forestville. This was a perilous journey for ships proceeding along Michigan's eastern shoreline and safe harbors are hard to find. Storms, rough seas, accidents and collisions all have combined to produce losses.

Here are a few wrecks we dive on.
Regina. Built in 1907, the 250 foot long steel freighter Regina fell prey to the "The Great Storm" of November 9, 1913 and went missing with all hands. The ship rests upside down on the bottom in about 80 feet of water.
Sport. This small tugboat is a favorite among divers. She was built in 1873 and is important as the first steel tug on the Great Lakes. Her steel hull rests upright with a slight list to starboard. The depth of water is 45 feet although the Sport rises up about 20 feet off the bottom.

Mary Alice B. The Mary Alice B was built at Duluth, Minnesota in 1931 for the Corps of Engineers as the "Quintus". She is upright and intact in 92 feet of water. Her wheelhouse with her wheel still in place can be penetrated.
New York. This wooden steamer was launched at Buffalo in 1856 and was lost to heavy seas on October 14, 1876. She lies physically close to the Checotah at a similar depth of 117 feet and is upright but very broken up. Her unique oscillating steam engines are exposed to view and are of special interest to maritime specialists and divers.

Colonel A. B. Williams. The Williams was carrying a cargo of coal when the 110 foot schooner was lost in 1864. She was discovered in 1957. She sits upright with her hull mostly intact. Divers can visit her in about 84 feet of water and see her hatches, a stove, bilge pump, two winches and a large windlass.

Who is this Trip For?

Divers with cold water and deep diving experience. Dives between 100ft - 120ft


Date: May 19, 2019

Afternoon charter - 1:30 pm
Boat leaves at 1:30 pm
Where to Meet: Port Sanilac Municipal Marina at 12:30 pm


Cost: $140.00 (includes 2 dives)

What's Included?

The trip price includes:
•Boat charter fee

Travelers are responsible for:
•Hotel accommodations
•Dive equipment
•2 tanks per day
•Weight belt and weights
•DAN insurance
•Staff gratuity

Travelers are responsible for:

All dive gear
2 Tanks
Staff gratuity
DAN Insurance

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