Tobermory, Canada | July 25 & 26 $225.00

Tobermory, Canada | July 25 & 26 $225.00

We will be doing dives beyond 80 feet. This trip is for advanced divers.

Tobermory is located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, a sliver of land cutting into Lake Huron and defining Georgian Bay. Among Tobermory's best attributes is the variety of dive sites available.

Frequently Visited Sites:

SWEEPSTAKES (schooner)

Depth: maximum depth 7 m (20 ft)
This two-masted schooner was damaged off Cove Island then towed to Big Tub Harbour where she sank in September, 1885. The hull is still intact, with the windlass and a portion of the bow rail still in place.

CHARLES P MINCH (schooner)
Depth: 6 to 16 m (20 to 50 ft)

The Minch was driven onto the rocks in October, 1898. The wreck is broken up and spread over Tecumseh Cove, Cove Island. The main wreckage is found close to shore near the head of the cove

ARABIA (barque)

Depth: maximum depth 37 m (120 ft)
Floundered off Echo Island in October, 1884. The wreck is in good condition. The bow section with bowsprit, windlass and anchors, is particularly impressive.

FOREST CITY (steamer)
Depth: 18 to 46 m (60 to 150 ft)
The ship struck the east side of Bears Rump Is. in the fog and sank In June, 1904 The low lies at about 18 m (60 ft) while the stern is at 46 m (150 ft). Suitable for highly advanced divers only

NIAGARA II (tanker. then a sandsucker)

Depth: 28 m (90 ft)
Deliberately sunk by the Tobermory Maritime in May, 1999 as a dive site. Located outside park
boundaries. Commemorative plaques and lots of machinery to see

Who is this trip for?

Enjoy the history of the ships that worked on The Great Lakes
Enjoy wreck diving



Whats Included?

Boat Charter Fee
Park Dive Tag for both days

Travelers are responsible for:
Passport or Enhanced License
Hotel Accommodations
Transportation to Tobermory
Dive Equipment
2 Tanks per Day - air fills are $10 each or Nitrox 32% is $18 each
Weight System and Weights
DAN Insurance
Staff gratuity