If You Can Breathe it Under Water, You Can Probably Get it Here: Our clean, modern compressor, blending and storage system can meet all your breathing needs.

  • Nitrox
  • Custom Blend Nitrox
  • Trimix
  • Paintball - Air
  • High Pressure Air Fills
  • Air Rifle
  • SCBA
  • CO2


  • Single-Tank Air Fill: $7.00
  • Single-Tank Air Fill 4500psi: $6.00 - $10.00
  • Single-Tank EAN up to 40% Fill: $9.00
  • Paintball: $6.00
  • Other Gasses or Blends: (Ask Us)

All cylinders must have a current hydrostatic test stamp and visual inspection decal.
Cylinders used for gas mixtures other than air need to be properly cleaned and labeled.
Must show proof of certification for scuba fills.

Have questions about hydros, VIPs, fills or cylinders? Call us.