AM: Advanced Divers with Deep experience
PM: Recreational


  • Cedarville – Depth 40-106 ft: This steel freighter sank in May of 1965 after a collision in dense fog losing ten lives. One of the most popular visited wrecks with a lot to see.


  • Eber Ward – Depth 111-142 ft: This wood steamer was built in 1888 at West Bay City, MI carrying corn. It sank when ice punctured the hull losing five lives. You can see the anchors, bathtub, four-bladed propeller and more.

  • Sandusky – Depth 70-84 ft: Built in 1848, carrying grain when it sank in 1856. It sits upright and intact. The popular sight to see on this wreck the scrolled figurehead of a rams head.

  • William Young – Depth 100-118 ft: A schooner-barge built in 1863 sank in 1891. The wreck sits upright with a lot to see. Ship’s wheel, large anchors, capstan, deadeyes, and much more.

Straits of Mackinac offer a lot of great wreck diving. You can dive in the tip of Lake Huron or Lake Michigan.

The Straits of Mackinac is a great vacation destination. St.Ignace, Mackinaw City, and Mackinac Island have a lot to offer for things to do around town.

Don’t let another diver claim your spot. Reserve now by calling us at (810) 732-3900.

Who is this Trip For?

This may be the perfect trip if you:

  • Enjoy the history of ships that used to sail the Great Lakes.
  • Enjoy wreck diving.
  • Looking to have a fun weekend of diving and sight seeing.


Here is the schedule:

  • Morning Charter: The boat will be docked at Mackinaw City Marina. The boat leaves the dock at 8:00 am. You should be there a half hour before it leaves.

What's Included?

The trip price includes:

  • Boat Charter Fee.

Travelers are responsible for:


  • Hotel Accommodations.
  • Transportation to Mackinaw City.
  • Food.
  • Dive Equipment.
  • 2 Tanks per day.
  • Weight Belt and Weights.
  • DAN Insurance.
  • Staff gratuity.



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